Egg Cheese Toast

Egg Cheese Toast


Serves:  3 Toasts






Multi grain bread  

3 slices

Grated cheese (mozzarella)

½ cup

Onion chopped

2 tbsp

Coriander leaves

1 tbsp

Boiled eggs cut in rounds



1-2 tsp


To taste

Chilli flakes

½ tsp



  • Boil eggs and cut in circles and keep them aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, mix together cheese, onions, chilli flakes and coriander leaves.
  • Apply butter on both sides of bread and lightly toast from both sides.
  • Take a baking tray and line it with butter paper or aluminium foil.
  •  Arrange toasted bread pieces on it.
  •  Now top with egg pieces.
  •  Sprinkle some salt, pepper on it.
  •  Now top them with with generous amount of cheese mixture.
  •  Put in the Oven for 250 c for 3-5 minutes or till the cheese melts.
  •  Once done cut into pieces.
  •  Can be had with any dip.