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Nurture Health Solutions (NHS) was founded in the year 2013 with the objective of helping people transform and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.NHS is a true health and wellbeing company. We work with leading Corporate Houses , Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Government bodies and Individuals in India and overseas offering services in the health and wellness space.

Our clients include CXO's, Industrialists, Celebrities, and Corporate Executives, members of the royal family, homemakers and children.

In a short time span, NHS has touched more than ten thousand lives through our health coach programs having worked with reputed multinational companies both in India and overseas. We are ISO Certified


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Our Team

  • Sheryl Salis
    "Senior Registered Clinical & Sports Nutritionist, Naturopath, Certified Diabetes Educator, Wellness Coach, Public Speaker.

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  • Shweta Gosalia
    Registered Dietician, Certified Educator & fitness expert with a specialization in Diabetes and Cardiac Care.

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  • Natasha Vora
    MSc in Clinical Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator and Sports Nutritionist.

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We started utilizing the services of Nurture Health Solutions headed by Ms Sheryl Salis since October’2015, when we commenced our first Fit4Life program for Pre Diabetic Siemens employees. Sheryl & her team of dieticians, played a pivotal role in gently nudging our employees through their counselling towards a more healthy & balanced diet. The useful tips, tasty but stomach filling nutricious alternatives endeared the team to our employees. The effects of the program soon became evident when participants started dropping their body weight as well as their Blood sugars. This Fit4Life program then spread to our various locations pan India & Sheryl & her dieticians provided amazing diet & nutrition counselling services to all the participants. The programs continue till date & the Nurture Health Solutions is now a constant part of our Health Management services to our employees. The innovative diet & nutrition solutions provided by Sheryl & her team have played a very significant role in ensuring the well being of our employees.

Dr.Mr Chaitanya Gulvady “Head & VP, Health Management-EHS, Siemens Ltd”.Siemens Ltd.

"Sheryl is one genuine dietician and I am very happy to have interacted with her, much to my benefit! Her diet plans are tailor-made to suit your preferences, likes and dislikes and she understands our lifestyle"

Lakshya Raj Singh Mewar,Executive Director:HRH Group Of Hotels,Eternal Mewar

"Sheryl has not only been a health coach but a life-coach. Her always-ready-to-help attitude supported with her knowledge on health has been transformational for me."

Padmaja Kumari Parmar,Executive Director:HRH Group Of Hotels,Eternal Mewar

"NHS lead by Sheryl ‎ is simply an awesome bunch of professionals who will stand by the requirements of their clients in every need. We are doing plenty of projects together and the combined output, based on the customer feedback is simply perfect."

Thamburaj,Senior DY General Manager,Glycomet GP Team,USV Limited

"Sheryl – The God Of Certified Diabetes Educator & above all who cares for you. (gives personal attention – approachable 24/7). if one has diabetes,must know Sheryl."

Manish Lakhi,Director,Lakhi Group

"We have engaged Sheryl as a consultant for a couple of projects related to diabetes management. Sheryl has always served as an invaluable thought partner who is an expert in her field of work, that is incredibly passionate."

Favian ,Analyst,Business Development & Strategy(Healthcare Solutions) ,Medtronic International

"Our experience with Sheryl & her team at NHS helped us conduct wellness programmes in our units aimed to train all employees on physical wellness & balanced diet."

Pooja Pathak,Manager,Corporate HR-Aditya Birla Group